Barons Court


With global new writing and works in translation featuring regularly in our programming, Barons Court Theatre is one of the go-to homes for international theatre work visiting this sunny island. As such, being part of the Voila Festival is a natural step for us. 

We’re looking for theatre that’s bold, writers that are hot in their home countries, and plays that have the potential to be the next big thing. Recent plays at Barons Court Theatre have featured actors performing in Croatian, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, and Ukrainian, and we welcome plays staged in their original language as well as in translation.

We champion migrant-led theatre and our programming is also open to diaspora artists based in the UK. 


We welcome new writing, adaptations, devised work, musicals, and cabaret with casts of up to 6 actors.

Our very atmospheric setting lends itself to pieces that take full advantage of the space they take place in. 

Barons Court Theatre is a deep thrust with the audience on 3 sides and a 4m x 3m stage. 

The auditorium is a really intimate one, so it works best for and shows where the closeness of the audience and intimacy are important dramatic elements, as well as interactive shows and/or immersive work.

For the tech specs of Barons Court Theatre please see:Theatre presentation

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Barons Court Theatre will programme Voila! Festival performances from 11-24 November 2024.


We recommend between 5 – 7 performances but are open to programming shorter runs. There are three performance slots per day, an early afternoon (5 pm), a first evening (7.30 pm), and a late evening (9.30 pm). If you have a slot preference, please include this; however, please understand that we will make the final decision on timings. 


Shows should be between 50 – 90 minutes in length. Ideally, the set and tech should be kept as simple as possible to ensure a quick turnaround for the next show.


We aim to offer companies a generous 6-hour tech slot, and we will work with companies to ensure they take full advantage of the venue’s technical capabilities.


Companies will have access to the space 15 minutes before the house opens, or 30 minutes before the show starts. Companies should be ready to make the space available and ready for the next show as soon as possible once the show is over.

The dressing room is shared with other companies, so tidiness and respect for other people’s property is essential.

We are a pub theatre, and we deeply regret that the theatre is not easily accessible to everyone. There is a flight of stairs down to the theatre, a step up to the door, a step down into the venue. There are also steps in and out of the dressing rooms to the stage. If you have access requirements, please let us know.


Companies are free to bring their technicians, however, we recommend using one of our trusted technicians. This will be provided for a fee of £15/hour, but they will save you a lot of time and hassle due to the familiarity with the space and its technical capabilities.


Please note, the venue’s financial deal is separate from the £150 festival registration fee.

Hire fee: Varies depending on the time slot and the day of the week, but we aim to keep the hire fees as affordable as possible.

Deposit: 20 percent of the total hire fee upon signing the contract.

Capacity: 52

Ticket price & booking fees: £15/£10 (concession) as a guideline, but companies are free to set their own prices.

VAT: VAT is not applicable. 


Since this is our first participation, we will focus on the live performances and not offer online viewings this year.